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Halloween isn’t just for kids

Published September 5, 2014 by sunhealersblog

romantic halloween bed

Halloween is such a wonderful time for us adults to give ourselves permission to play, lighten up and have some fun.  Life can get very serious for us and we often lose ourselves in our obligations and responsibilities with work, errands, and raising our kids. We almost never allow time for  play.  Even the things we may enjoy doing like yoga, hitting the gym, meditating, or playing sports can still be moments where we are strict or hard on ourselves.  Yes, they make us feel good afterwards and are oh so very important to decompress and give us a boost, but what about unfiltered, unregulated, just plain ol’ fun?  Use this time to bring out the fun with a Halloween twist.  Forromantic halloween dinner example, when the kids go to bed, put on that sexy, playful costumes, just for the both of you and let your imaginations run wild.  Pretend you are the helpless victim running from a monster or zombie, or vampire, except when he does get you, he rips open your costume and makes love to you in his lair.  Or be that sexy witch who has her victim under her spell and must do everything she commands for the night.  Whatever you two choose to be, playing around with costumes is a great time to role play with one another and change the energy up in the bedroom department. Another idea is to have a romantic dinner for two, after the kids are asleep.  It can be appetizers with wine as blood to please the senses, adding candles to the mix and soft lighting.  The color red will charge your sexual energy and the wine will put you at ease.  Be creative, be playful, have fun, and enjoy this special night together.


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