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Butternut Squash and Cabbage

Published July 26, 2013 by sunhealersblog


I roasted a butternut squash in the oven then sauted it in oil in light oil with garlic, onions, a little salt and nutmeg for flavoring.  I also sauted cabbage in a pan with oil, garlic, onions, and salt and light pepper for taste.  The squash is orange and the cabbage is purple giving it Halloween colors.  This is a great vegetarian meal and it is healthy for you as well.

Cheese Fingers

Published July 13, 2013 by sunhealersblog


Use mozzarella cheese sticks as the fingers.   Cut them in half.  Use a knife to cut a small slits in the middle. at the top.  Put a dab of cream cheese where the slit is; this will hold the fingernails in place.  Place an almond slither on top of the cream cheese or marshmallows if allergic to nuts, as the fingernails.  Can use a red sauce on the plate to look like blood to make it more creepy, like a strawberry jam or whatever you prefer.

Bat Lantern

Published July 7, 2013 by sunhealersblog

bat lantern

You will need:

  •  2 black sheets of construction paper
  • yellow, black, white, and red crayon
  • scissors
  • tape

What to do:

  1. Fold oneo f the black sheets of construction paper in half vertically.
  2. Cut slits about an inch apart, leaving a border around the edges.  Do not cut through all the way.
  3. Use the yellow and black crayons for the eyes.
  4. Use the white crayon to draw teeth.
  5. Use the red crayon to draw blood coming out the mouth.
  6. Tape together in a cylinder.
  7. Use the other black sheet of paper to draw 2 bat wings and cut across a piece of paper about an inch apart.  This will be the handle.
  8. Tape the wings to the side and tape the handle on top on the insides.

Scream Ghostface lantern

Published July 6, 2013 by sunhealersblog

Scream face lantern

You will need:

  • white and black construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • black marker

What to do:

  1. Fold the white sheet of paper in half vertically
  2. Cut slits about an inch apart.
  3. Draw the face with the black marker.
  4. Tape it together.
  5. Cut a strip of paper from the black construction paper about an inch wide.
  6. Tape that inside at the top as the handle.
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