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Ghost paper lantern

Published October 31, 2013 by sunhealersblog

You will need:20131020_141448-1

  • white construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • black marker

What to do:

  1. Fold the white sheet of paper in half vertically
  2. Cut slits about an inch apart.
  3. Draw the face of a ghost with the black marker.
  4. Tape it together or glue.
  5. Cut a strip of paper from the white construction paper about an inch wide.
  6. Tape or glue that inside at the top as the handle.

Ghosts and Entities

Published October 2, 2013 by sunhealersblog

Everyone should get a smudging done every once in a while.   Getting a smudging done is considered to be kind of  like a “spiritual house cleaning”.  It is advisable to get a clearing done to move any heavy, negative, or stagnant energy, after you have been depressed, experienced grief, anger for some time, sick, had a really bad argument with somebody, or even after you have been around somebody who is angry, depressed, or sick. The energy may get stuck making it unable to move freely or you can even pick up negative(heavy) energy or entities from people, places, surgery, drugs, and even objects.  There are 4 basic kinds of energies or entities which we are familiar with, being  either internal (your own creations) or external (that come from outside of you and have attached themselves to you or even one of your own personal entity).white halloween costume

  1. Personal Entity:  An internal entity that you have created to help you with some specific problem.  You created these around a specific traumatic or emotional event. They are little creations of yours; more like a clone of you, programmed at the age  you were when the casual event occurred.  For example:  If growing up, you as a girl, saw, experienced, or felt that your brothers got more attention or maybe they were able to do what they wanted with less stipulations and repercussions, you would then create a personal entity to make sure you would receive more attention or benefits.  The problem with these, is that their behavior is much like the age that they were created.  So if you created them as an angry 10 year old girl, then they will continue to behave as an angry 10 year old girl, thus being our “behavioral”  issues.  Ever wonder why sometimes you act like a child?  These can not be removed, instead they have to be evolved.
  2. Emotional:  These are external entities that come from large clumps of unexpressed emotions.  They are often a result of mass consciousness’ activities such as war, war crimes, violence, sexual perversion, racial discrimination, famine, fatal epidemic diseases, misconduct, or any kind of large-scale suffering.  These emotions could be anger, rage, grief, or a very specific kind of rage or grief such as grief over the loss of a child.  They could be sexual in nature and can inhabit an area like a beach or motel room where certain kinds of activity commonly occur.  They can migrate from individuals and collect into “group expressions”, and eventually becoming self-aware entities.  And being that like attracts like they tend to gravitate towards people who are carrying the same unexpressed energy that this group is formed around.  They could also affect your pets.
  3. ghost 2Family:  An external entity derived from chunks of family members’ energy that have broken off and have been traded with a broken-off piece of you.  These exchanges tend to occur when quite young and have determined that the other person could do something for you.  This “parts exchange” is generally with someone close to you, such as a sibling, parent, or a close caregiver.  A family entity rushes in to ‘do’ a job for you so you don’t have to struggle with it anymore to do it.
  4. Discarnate:  External entities who were at one time a person.  They are individuals who have died and don’t know it or have chosen to stick around to finish some kind of work.  These we know as ghosts.

If you are housing an external entity or entities, as there could be multiple ones being occupied by you, it is your responsibility to exercise your authority and kick them out.  You may also expel others’ entities that you notice or that are bothering you.  We no longer have to cohabitate with them as you are the only person who should be occupying your body.  Sometimes an external entity may be attached to an internal entity so you must first clear the external entity before you can evolve the internal entity to its most mature form.
reweaving fabric book

If you wish to know or learn more about this I highly recommend reading “Reweaving the Fabric of your Reality” by Maureen St. Germaine.        


DIY Balloon Ghost

Published April 30, 2013 by sunhealersblog

Here is a simple ghost that is easily made out of a balloon.  Doesn’t take much time to do and if you hang them up from your ceiling it will look really neat.

ghost balloon

You will need:

  • a white balloon
  • a white plastic grocery bag
  • a black marker
  • scissors
  • tape

What to do:

  1. Blow up your balloon as much as you can and tie it.
  2. Cut the handles off the plastic grocery bag
  3. Leave the seam intact cutting from the open side of the bag into little strips, about 1″ wide.
  4. Tape the bag from the seam end all the way across the balloon.
  5. Using a black marker or sharpie draw 2 eyes and a mouth.

If you want to hang it up from the ceiling simply tape a string to the top of the balloon.

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