Black Cat Lantern

Published May 1, 2013 by sunhealersblog

I love lanterns.…  Real ones, fake ones.  Something about candles and light.  Well, here is an example of a paper lantern that looks like a black cat.

Black cat lantern

You will need:

  • 2 black construction paper
  • scissors
  • plain white paper
  • either pink and yellow construction paper or paint
  • black paint or a black marker
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Take the black construction paper and place it in front of you horizontally.
  2. Cut an inch strip vertically across from one of the sides.  This will be the handle.
  3. Fold the paper in half, long ways. (like a hot dog, not a hamburger)
  4. Then cut lines about an inch apart from the middle where it’s folded, leaving an inch border at the end of the paper on both sides not cut. (Do not cut all the way through.)
  5. Roll the paper in the shape of a cylinder and glue it together.  (This is the lantern)
  6. Glue on or tape on the handle for the lantern.
  7. Take your plain white paper and cut 3 centimeter wide pieces about 3 inches long.
  8. Glue them on for whiskers.
  9. Either paint on with pink paint or cut out a small triangle out of the pink construction paper for the nose and glue it in center of the whiskers.
  10. Either paint on with yellow paint or cut out 2  circles out of the yellow construction paper for the eyes and glue them on, above the whiskers.
  11. Either paint on black slits in center of eye or use a black marker if using the construction paper for eyes.
  12. Cut out 2 ears from the other black construction paper and cut an inch slit in middle of ear at the bottom. (This is so that the ears slide in otherwise they won’t stay up correctly.
  13. Cut out 2 smaller rounded triangles as the insides of the ear and glue it on or paint it on with pink paint.
  14. Place the ears in front of the handle.
  15. Glue on the ear to make it stay on.

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